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At a certain age, I realized
I couldn’t wear my favorite shoes anymore.

“I want to create leather shoes that would let me strut confidently on the stone-paved streets of Paris.”
This passion propelled me to establish the women’s footwear brand fitfit in 2011.
At the time, my feet were beginning to suffer from bunions. I still loved those sleek, gorgeous pumps, but they were becoming uncomfortable, not fitting my feet anymore. Many of my similar-aged friends were also complaining. Nobody wants to stop looking fabulous, but shoes for us did not exist. We had a problem.


Without a shoemaking background, could I, however, actually create shoes that overcome issues such as foot-related pain and mobility? With some serious soul searching, I decided to define my goal as making pumps that are reasonably priced, soft on the feet, comfortable, lets the wearer enjoy femininity and run if she wants to. I studied podiatry, asked experts for their advice, and partnered with a manufacturer known for its ergonomic shoes. After innumerable attempts, we developed unique shoemaking lasts and soles. Since then, for ten years, we have been creating shoes that incorporate both function and fashion while responding to consumers’ needs.

fitfit’s Brand ThemeBehind the fitifit brand theme: “Free Your Stride™”

Women should be able to remain brilliant even as they age and stay kind to themselves. “Women who are quick on their feet, and not afraid of long strides” was the original theme; I feel more women are now embodying this theme in fitfit shoes. As life expectancy extends to 100 years, I believe functional shoes have more to contribute to women’s wellness than conventional, pretty shoes.

When we launched the fitfit brand, we articulated our concept as “Art x Science” or art crosses science. Art includes innovative shoe designs, an exciting zeitgeist, modish photos and graphic elements, and retail outlets that encapsulate all of the above. Science is the painless comfort of our shoes, easy-to-wear functionality, expert knowledge, and technical evidence. The brand fitfit strikes a beautiful balance between the two. Through fitfit shoes, I will continue to support women’s lives and their feet.

Keiko Hayashi, Founder

Our guiding principle:
“Be the company that supports women’s happiness.”

My relationship with fitfit began in the autumn of 2018 when I succeeded the founder of fitfit. Over 90% of our employees are women, as well as our customers. As the business manager, deciding on “Support women’s happiness” as a guiding principle was easy.
The challenge was how to achieve this—and the key was: the Cycle of Happiness.

So, what can drive the continual growth of this company and the brand?
One was to have a group of female professionals carry on the spirit of the founder and lead the company as a team. The Cycle of Happiness is initiated by the managerial and organizational structure that enables this team.

The Cycle of Happiness itself has four interconnected aspects:

  • <Creators>
    Creators design shoes that are more comfortable, more beautiful than any other brand while reflecting the feet-related needs of our customers.
  • <Developers>
    Developers have the skills to transform designs by the Creators, developing them into actual, wearable shoes.
  • <Communicators>
    Communicators convey the benefits of each pair through exciting visuals and fitting services.
  • <Customers>
    With perfectly fitted, comfortable, and beautiful shoes, customers are lively, quick on their feet, and confident in their step.

When the women of fitfit Inc. - the Creators, Developers, and Communicators – are motivated in their work, each embracing their individuality, they can offer happiness to Customers. Then, the Cycle of Happiness will loop back to the fitfit shoes business.

We are committed to developing shoes and offering services that alleviate issues surrounding women’s feet throughout their lives.

The happiness of Customers is shaped by the quality and usability of shoes and services.

Women’s feet are delicate. Her feet evolve with age, lifestyles, and the environment, and her problems around feet can be broad.
fitfit has named the shift of women’s feet and the cause of her issues as Arch Aging®︎, one sign of our commitment to develop shoes and offer feet- and shoe-related services that alleviate concerns surrounding women’s feet throughout their life. To keep up with the commercial environment, we are also updating our business. Our customer interface has been primarily face-to-face retail that allowed a dialogue-based, deep understanding of each customer’s needs and feet problems. With recent technological advances, we will be offering online shoe fittings and recommendations tailored to each customer, a service that was not possible at the time of the brand launch.

In the business world, I believe the only survivors will be those that are ethically managed.
There are many obstacles ahead, and I am looking forward to tackling each, one step at a time.
“Women’s happiness” is a starting point to improve women’s welfare, a challenge that has finally come into global focus. Further, as life expectancy edges close to 100 years, developing shoes and services that alleviate Arch Aging®︎ will enable users to redefine their happiness. Through our shoe business, fifit commits to play a role in overcoming both challenges.

Shinichi Kimura, CEO

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